Exquisite Agony

Anonymous Agony Aunt for the Sexually Frustrated and Curious.

Wednesday, 9 March 2011

Dear Aunt X;
I’ve always wanted to try anal, but so many of my girlfriends tell me it hurts and the only reason they do it is because their boyfriends ask for it. My boyfriend hasn’t asked - I just really want to try, but I’m scared. I feel like a total creep. Can you help me?

Dear Worried,
Thank you for your email! You want to know something? Anal is actually one of the things I am written to about the most! You have nothing to be worried about - when done correctly, between two mutually respecting people, it can be one of the more fulfilling and wonderful sexual experiences!


Exquisite Agony.  

Anonymous Agony Aunt for the Sexually Frustrated and Curious.

Hello, I’m Aunt X - for privacy reasons, both you and I shall go unnamed, without precise locations or details. About me is unimportant - I’m here to help YOU, the good people of the internet ;)

The amount of people who come to me on a day to day basis, usually under the guise of anonymity, seeking solace and guidance in their sex lives and foibles has driven me to create this. No longer do you need to agonise silently over questions you’re too shy to bring up with your mother - I’m here to help!

Every question/email is treated with utmost respect, seriousness and confidentiality - no recognisable details will be published. But please do not take me for a fool - I am aware when people are making shit up when they have nothing better to do.

No question too weird, no fetish too odd; if you have a burning desire to have your darkest questions answered, drop me a line and I shall do my best to help you!


Aunt X.